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Vegan Junkie offers a quick service style, grab & go.

Creating the most unique & elevated plant based burgers with the freshest, highest quality, small-locally sourced ingredients that are nut, soy & lab meat free. On a mission to set a new tradition for fast food!


 Real food for Real People

Experience an innovative menu that provides an experience unlike any other burger joint, we aim to be a unique space in South Florida that cultivates the passion & love for plant powered Burgers & Shhckens, where the ingredients are harvested in a local small farm. VJB sets itself a-part as our food is handcrafted from scratch with real whole food plant based ingredients such as vegetables, grains & seeds. All while being sustainable & ethical as possible.

Good mood food

We invite everyone to come and enjoy our plant powered food, regardless of your dietary preferences. We guarantee you will be content!

Save Water

Did you know that nearly half of the water consumption in the United States goes towards raising livestock? A pound of beef can take 1,800 to 4,000 gallons of water to produce. Choosing plant protein is 6 times less than for beef, while avoiding water pollution from the waste produced from animal feed. 

Conserving Land

One of the most straightforward reasons that a plant powered diet is better for our environment is simply that it is more efficient. The significant amount of land needed for animals exceeds what is needed to produce food that people will eat.

Save Lives

Living a plant based lifestyle is not only a win for our environment sustainability but choosing whole foods makes it easy for weight management, disease prevention and also saving on groceries. 

It's the Future of Fast Food

VJB serving the community of South Florida the best, most aesthetically pleasing, 100% delicious, plant based cuisine, without sacrifice or compromise. Our menu definitely provides an experience inspired by culture, compassion and keeping it real!

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